Healthy Easy Cancer-Fighting Diet Recipes

What Causes Diet-Related Cancers?

Current research suggests that there is a strong link between diet and cancer. A poor diet may lead to the chance of developing diet-related cancers such as bowel, breast and stomach cancer. Recent research suggests that a modifiable risk factor, including obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol use, may be a contributing factor in more than a third of cancers. There is now a strong evidence that obesity is a risk factor for some cancers, such as bowel, prostate, postmenopausal breast, uterine and renal (kidney) cell cancer.

There are many possible causes and the exact mechanisms are unclear, however, it is thought that cancer is often associated with overweight or physically inactive, causing the body to secret higher amounts of insulin and growth factors. This, in turn, can cause fast growth and genetic changes to body cells and increases the risk of stimulating cancer-causing cells. Conversely, certain foods have been singled out as being particularly good at fighting cancer.

Cancer-Fighting Diet - Antioxidants-Rich, Low Saturated Fat, High Fiber Foods

Cancer-fighting and cancer-preventing diets includes eating more fiber-packed plant foods and phytonutrients, reducing saturated fat intake and maintaining a healthy body weight. A diet rich in grains, fruit and vegetables is particularly important to fight cancer. They are high in fiber, low in saturated fat and contain antioxidants, which work to clean up the free radicals or unstable molecules in your body, which otherwise, can cause cellular changes that may lead to cancer. compiled a list of sumptuous recipes that include as many of these cancer-fighting foods as possible. These low-fat, easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes are packed with fiber and cancer-fighting agents that can help to combat cancer. As a rule of thumb, to reduce cancer risk, it is advisable to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, cut down fat intake and reduce food chock full of hormones, carcinogens and toxins that contribute to cancer.

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